Abortionist LeRoy Carhart's chimpanzee-like incompetence soon on trial

Third-trimester abortionist LeRoy Carhart speaking at Johns Hopkins University in February, 2016

During a talk given at Johns Hopkins University back in February, third-trimester abortionist LeRoy Carhart referred to Dr. Michael Policar’s description of first-trimester abortions as so easy, “I think you could train chimpanzees to do abortions.”

These remarks came less than two weeks after LeRoy Carhart left a woman in ICU with the entire right side of her uterine wall perforated, a uterine artery torn, and a damaged ovary, according to court documents.

Ambulance arrives to rush woman to hospital January 18, 2016. The injured client has elected to seek damages for Carhart’s incompetence.

LeRoy Carhart will face a jury trial where he will answer for his incompetence and, hopefully, brought to justice.

Just hours after LeRoy Carhart’s above-mentioned talk given at Johns Hopkins University, he sent yet another woman to hospital by ambulance in Nebraska.

Transcription of LeRoy Carhart’s February 3rd Johns Hopkins University talk at about minute 29:

Q: Where do you envision the future of abortion access?

A: ...In 1992 Planned Parenthood was so convinced (and I, at that time, was the Medical Director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin), Planned Parenthood was so convinced that abortion would not survive in the United States, that we were training groups of women how to perform abortions for other women…safely, in the first trimester.

It got out in to the public, of course, because we were training bunches of women, [murmuring laughter] and I remember somebody from ABC news interviewed Michael Policar, who, at that time, was the Vice President of Medical Affairs for Planned Parenthood National. They asked him if it was safe to train women to do abortions on each other and he replied, “I think you could train chimpanzees to do abortions. It’s just teaching them to take care of the problem that’s the problem.”
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