Trump Committed Adultery, Then Abandoned His Family For His Mistress

Donald Trump has 5 children with 3 different women.
Trump was committing adultery while married to his wife Ivana. He abandoned his family, Ivana and their 3 children, to live in sin with his mistress. Trump faux "married" his mistress, and they had a daughter through their fornicating. Trump is now living with his newer mistress Melania, at the White House, they have a son by their fornication.
Biden and Trump, neither are repentant, neither are trustworthy, both are against Christ and His Church.
The lesser of two evils, is still evil and against Christ the King.
He always took care of his family and wives.. Good children. We all fall short...good man, nobody is perfect.
Baptist John
Trump is not repentant, this is the point. We all fall short, true. Yet, when we do, repentance is mandatory not optional.
No, you are in error when you say Trump is a good man.
The only way to be good is to confess our sins, be forgiven by Christ our Lord, and strive to live holy.
God bless you.