“Bergogliare”: Hit del verano 2022

Una respuesta musical al pontificado de Francisco ha sido publicada en forma anónima en Estados Unidos.

La canción quiere “iniciar un nuevo Trento”. Francisco nos dice que “no podemos adorar como antes”. ¡Pero, ¡podemos! No necesitamos mancharnos.

Una letra brillante. ¡Diviértete!



Eresia, No, no.
Ecumenismo, no no no no
San Pietro dipinto di blu
La Chiesa scende di più
Bergogliare, oh oh
Aiutare, oh oh oh oh
He flies way up to the clouds
To preach to the journalist crowds
We must cringe in the glow of an error we know
And wish that we could find peace of mind.
Let us leave his confusion and all disillusion below.
We’ll start a new Trent,
And the rainbow he sent us will go.
Eresia, No, no
Ecumenismo, no no no no
San Pietro dipinto di rosso
La Chiesa cade in fosso
If you say all religions are equal,
The sequel’s the Church saying nothing at all
For the gays and the pagans, he’ll see that the doctrine is fudged.
We can’t worship as of old,
But we can, so we’re told,
Go get smudged.