Video posted of protesters entering St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral in Columbus, OH. Pro-Abortion group disrupted Religious worship, pushing through to the sanctuary and shouting profanities.
Live Mike
“Interruption of religious worship” is a crime. In certain states, “to disturb or disrupt a religious meeting by way of profanity, misbehavior or unreasonable noise” is a crime. Perhaps we should all study up on the technicalities regarding how one may legally make a citizen’s arrest in our respective states?
Louis IX
I hope these people are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and their names put on a watchlist by the FBI and the DHS. If they are willing to do this they are willing to start fires in Churches.
Live Mike
What do you suppose would have happened if this group entered an Italian parish filled with "la familia"?
"That wasn't very nice. Now yous gotta leave... Now yous can't leave." - A Bronx Tale
Holy Cannoli
Warning: Adult theme and language.
Louis IX
Pushing through? There was nothing to push through they just walked. Let’s not give this sad pack of evil losers credit.
Louis IX
And the men just sit there?