Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob for Allegedly Saying 'All Lives Matter,' Nation…

A 24-year-old mother was killed by a Black Lives Matter mob in Indianapolis last week, allegedly for saying “All Lives Matter.” Unlike Charlottesvill…
One black man is killed by police and it's an excuse for weeks of riots. A white woman is killed by a black mob and... silence.
Und wer spricht darüber, hat man was gehört? O Herr, gib ihr die ewige Ruhe und das ewige Licht leuchte ihr. Herr, lasse sie ruhen in Frieden. Amen.
Her father, Robert Doty, told the Gateway Pundit that the BLM supporters had walked by her and her fiance and said “Black Lives Matter,” to which Jessica responded that “All Lives Matter.”
Alex A
And the main media outlets reported, what?
And not one word from anyone in the mainstream media. Pathetic!