Hypocrysy? NO “Covid Certificate” For Francis’ Audiences

Francis’ General Audiences require no Covid certificate since the Vatican sells them as “liturgical celebrations” as there is a prayer at the beginning and at the end.

It is unlikely that the faithless Vatican believes that these short prayers protect from Covid. Specola (InfoVatican.com, October 8) comments, “The lack of coherence is omnipresent.”

He points out that the audiences start with masks and distances and end with hugs and kisses,

“We have seen churches turned into the closest thing to an operating theatre, sacraments suppressed, sacramentals removed, but after so much liturgical violence, all smiling, unmasked and gathered near Francis.”

With Covid requirements, even less people would attend Francis’ audiences.


가입을 원합니다
Hypocrysy ㅡ> Hypocrisy
Facts Not Lies
Some people are above physics. Including
- Fauci (evidently he forgot the size of a virus as compared to the masks which wont block dust and cannot do primary school math)
- Francis (evidently he is above the virus itself. So, no shot nor jackboot V-Pass
Please Lord Jesus send us sheppards that do the will of God not of this world