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Bishop Resigns: Vatican Mess in China Without End

Xiapu Auxiliary Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin, 62, South-East China, has resigned on October 4.

In a letter, Guo said he will no longer participate in public activities. After the Sino-Vatican agreement, he had accepted a 2018 demotion from diocesan to auxiliary bishop.

This made room for excommunicated Bishop (link)Vincent Zhan Silu(link)#newsFecgevybjx(link) whom Francis welcomed as part of his agreement with China.

Since then, Guo has been “at a loss”. Water and electricity to his residence were cut off. His resignation shows the failure of the Vatican's China strategy.

Hong Kong Cardinal Zen criticised on his blog the treatment of Bishop Guo who “obeyed the Vatican” but “everyone has seen how they made his life impossible, so all he could do is to resign.”

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