Francis Rants Again: This Time Against Those Who Know the Bible

At his only live-streamed January 27 “General Audience,” Francis claimed that through prayer a "new incarnation of the Word" takes place.

This statement is wrong as the incarnation has no need to take place again. Francis also said obscurely that "we are the tabernacles where the words of God want to be welcomed and preserved, so that they may visit the world.”

Then he attacked faithful who memorise the Bible, “It irritates me a little when I hear Christians who recite verses from the Bible like parrots: ‘Oh, yes… Oh, the Lord says… He wants this…’. But did you encounter the Lord, with that verse?”

This rant was unjustified, first, because among Catholics those who know the Bible are very rare, and, second, because Francis did not present any convincing argument why those who know the Bible are worse than he is.

For Francis, the Bible is not a question of the memory, but of an “encounter with the Lord.” The truth is that one should not be set against the other.


Remember, Pope Francis is guided by an entity he claims is the Holy Spirit. No doubt it also gives him "a new incarnation of the Word" during prayer.
No one is good except God alone.
Pray for his conversion