IMPORTANT HOW YOU Say goodbye Moscow, March 17, Interfax - Scientists have experimentally proved the miraculous properties of the sign of the cross and prayer.

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“We have found that the old custom of making the sign of the cross over eating and drinking before meals has a deep mystical significance. There is a practical application behind it: food is literally cleaned in an instant. This is a great miracle that happens literally every day, "said physicist Angelina Malakhovskaya, quoted by the Zhizn newspaper on Friday.

Malakhovskaya has been studying this power of the sign of the cross together with the blessing of the Church for almost ten years. She conducted many experiments that were repeatedly verified before their results were made public.

In particular, she discovered the unique bactericidal properties of water blessed with prayer and the sign of the cross. According to the paper, the study also revealed a new, previously unknown property of God's Word, which is to transform the structure of water, significantly increasing its optical density in the short region of the ultraviolet spectrum.

Scientists have verified the influence of the Lord's Prayer and the sign of the cross on pathogenic bacteria. Water samples were taken for the tests from various reservoirs - wells, rivers, lakes. All samples contained golden taphylococcus, coliform bacteria. However, it turned out that if the Lord's Prayer was said and the sign of the cross was made over them, the number of harmful bacteria would decrease by seven, ten, one hundred and even over a thousand times.

The experiments were performed in such a way as to exclude the possible influence of psychic suggestion. The prayer was said by both believers and non-believers, but the number of pathogenic bacteria in different environments with different sets of bacteria continued to decline compared to the reference templates.

Scientists have also proven the beneficial effects that prayer and the sign of the cross have on people. Blood pressure was stabilized in all subjects and blood indices improved. Interestingly, the indicators changed in the direction of needed healing: in people with hypotension, blood pressure was increased, and in people with hypertension, it was lowered.

It was also noted that if the sign of the cross is performed offhand, with three fingers folded unscrupulously or placed outside the necessary points - the center of the forehead, the center of the solar plexus, and the dimples on the right and left arms - the positive result was significantly weaker or absent at all.