Quran hadith and lapidation Praised be Jesus-Christ, His peace be with you ! We read in the hadith number 6830 of Al-Bukhari and Muslim number 4394 that the caliph Omar had once made a long speech …More
Quran hadith and lapidation

Praised be Jesus-Christ, His peace be with you ! We read in the hadith number 6830 of Al-Bukhari and Muslim number 4394

that the caliph Omar had once made a long speech in which he said: "Allah sent Mohammed with the truth

and sent down upon him the Book and among what Allah has revealed there is the verse of the stoning.

We have read it, understood and assimilated. The messenger of Allah stoned and we stoned after him.

I fear that if time passes, some will come to say: "By Allah, we do not find the verse on the stoning

in the Book of Allah." They will go astray by abandoning an obligation revealed by Allah.

Stoning is in the Book of Allah the legal sanction imposed on the adulterous person...."

The question thus arises: Where is this well-known "revealed" verse that is not in the Quran?

Two hypotheses present themselves as possible answers to this question.

First hypothesis: The verse relative to stoning has been revealed.

And this case, the muslims who wish to believe that they today have in their hands...

the same Quran as that which is in heaven are wrong, since it is missing at least one verse.

It is legitimate to think that, if it is missing one verse, others can be missing, as well.

That being the case, Allah is himself convinced of lies and of incompetence...

according to the Quran itself, since it says in the Quran that he is the gardian...

of all the revealed verses. (Surah 15.9; Surah 39.62) Surah 15, verse 9; Surah 39, verse 62.

Moreover, the Quran does not, thus, have the exhaustive total of all legal knowledge...

that is claimed, nevertheless, in the Quran (Surah 6.38: 12.111; 16.89), Surah 6 verse 38,

Surah 12 verse 111, Surah 16, verse 89. since at least one verse would be missing

(this one related to stoning)... which is a "revealed" obligation, according the caliph...

an obligation the neglect of which is synonymous with immorality.

Second hypothesis: The verse has never been revealed... and therefore the testimony of Omar is a fake.

And not only is the testimony of the third caliph is a fake, but the belief that the hadiths

of Al Bukhari and Muslim are worthy of full trust... is itself false.

In either case, islam can no long pretend to be a teaching exempted from error.

But there is a evidence that it has abused of the credulity of those who submitted to it...

while asserting the opposite. Briefly, be it then that the Quran contains the totality of

all of the "revealed" verses and thus the hadiths of Al Bukhari and Muslim without counting

the others unworthy of full confidence... OR be the hadiths of Al Bukhari and of Muslim

are truly worthy of complete trust and in this case the Quran is convinced to be liar

since it claims to contain the exhaustive total of all legal obligations... In comparaison, when one day

a group of men brought to Jesus a woman caught in sin of adultery (John 8:1-11)

in order to have something with which to accuse Him, either by the law of Moses... if He refused

that she be stoned or to deny Himself and the Gospel in accepting her stoning.

Jesus opened a new way, the Way of the Truth, between on one hand, the seriousness of sin and, on the other,

God's requirement to holiness for us. Seriousness of sin and requirement of holiness: both taught by the Law.

"Let anyone among you who is without sin cast the first stone!" commanded Jesus.

And like everyone was leaving, in starting with the oldest, Jesus turned to the woman

and said her: "Woman, where are they?" Has no one condemned you?" "No one, Lord" she replied.

"Me also, I don't condemn you. Go and sin no more." (John 8: 1-11)

That is what Jesus did. He opened the only road of salvation possible by returning each person to the awareness

of his own sin and to his own need for mercy. Mercy for which we cannot ask to God for ourselves,

if we refuse to grant it to others! It is a question of Justice ! There is the justice that God wants from use

here on earth and which He has given as an example in Jesus of Nazareth...

Justice in which Islam is a negation!

If the people realized that they are going to hell, they would change their life.

They would ask for God's forgiveness. He would become converted ...

and would become merciful to obtain for themselves Mercy!