Until Recently: Homosexual Was Chairman Of Catholic Herald' Board

Peter Sheppard, who until recently chaired the board of the London weekly Catholic Herald and remains a board member, lives with his gay partner Keith Day according to Dawn Eden Goldstein writing on Twitter (December 28).

Goldstein is a New York born convert and full time pro-Francis faculty member at Holy Apostles College in Cromwell, Connecticut,

Sheppard was replaced in 2018 as chair by William Cash who lives in his third marriage.

Goldstein accuses the Herald of being "populist", "pro-Brexit", "pro-Bannon", and "nationalist".

Another board member is Brooks Newmark, a Jewish-born former Conservative British minister and father of five who resigned in September 2014 after he had exchanged a series of sexually explicit photos online with a freelance male reporter who was posing as a young female activist. Newmark is not Catholic.

The Herald is owned by Sir Rocco Forte who owns a hotel chain and says about himself, "I’m not a hugely religious person but I had a Catholic upbringing."

Picture: Peter Sheppard, Twitter, #newsFzrnsrlhtd
No wonder some nown priests want catholics to read this kind of news magazines
The Editor-in-Chief is also "openly gay"