Vatican Dicastery Unjustly Slams German Bishops’ Webpage

The German bishops' katholisch.de reported on December 14 that the Strasbourg moral theologian Marie-Jo Thiel contradicted Catholic moral theology during a December talk in Freiburg, Germany.

The article informed that Thiel denied that homosexuals acts are “always sinful” and opposed the Church’s ban on contraception.

The case is especially scandalous because Thiel is a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

On December 22, the Pontifical Academy claimed on Twitter that the katholisch.de report and a similar report on the Swiss bishops' cath.ch were “incorrect” and “not reliable”. The two websites did not respond.

On December 26, the Academy published Thiel’s denial (French text below) which claims that the articles "distort" her words and are “not correct” because they reproduce “only very few parts” of her talk [what is called journalism].

However, Thiel never claims to be misquoted.

She hides behind the claim that the application of sexual morals is allegedly “very complex” and requires “many nuances” while accusing katholisch.de of having reduced its "complexity" and this way producing "confusion".

Thiel's denial is an obvious smoke-screen. She never denies having said that homosexual acts and contraception can be justified.