Priest Helped IRA To Kill Ten

Father Patrick Ryan, 91, said he helped smuggle weapons and explosives from Libya used by the IRA (Irish Republican Army) in the 1982 Hyde Park (five …
Louis IX
Lock em up and charge him with terrorism, age doesn’t matter.
A priest is a priest for life. That status never changes. So he is a murdering priest who should be laicized and put in prison for murder. That is the law of God.
atreverse pensar
They have made nationalism God.
The UK has done a lot of evil in Ireland, but you can't kill innocents.
Alex A
@Tom Jones > Are you referencing his status as a priest or that of an Irish freedom fighter?
Tom Jones
What part of Thou Shall Kill is not understandable?
Would you fight back if another country invaded your homeland?
and forbade your religion, your way of life, and you were under armed guard 24 hours a day...
Alex A
Mathathias Maccabeus >How many Popes, in the past, way back when, headed armies or supported armed conflict, like Waring over the Vatican States or blessing the Crusaders?
Liam Ronan
@frawley You asked "Would you fight back if another country invaded your homeland?" Is blowing up the marching band (7 of them at Regent's Park) fighting back?