Whom Does He Want to Fool? Francis Underlines “Importance Of Tradition”

The Holy See [allegedly] pays attention to “cultural traditions, customs, languages and educational processes,” Francis joked at a July 27 meeting with representatives of the Canadian regime in Quebec after burning some grass.

Francis who is laying waste to the Church's liturgical and theological tradition, complained that today there are many forms of "ideological colonisation" which "attempt to uproot the traditions, history and religious ties” of peoples.

He lamented that this mentality believes "that the dark pages of history have been left behind" and therefore "becomes open to the ‘cancel culture’ that judges the past purely on the basis of certain contemporary categories.”

These statements are a perfect summary of Traditionis Custodes, Francis' atomic bomb against Tradition.


@Sp . . Covering the cross? He was probably forced to do so! Remember he is in Canada. 😂
Jeffrey Ade
His "cross" is an obomination!
He is being honest he has traditionally undermined, sidelined and buried the real orthodox church since his early days in Argentina, true to form he will be removed by God's Hand soon. Pray for Benedict XVI.
I hope you are right.
Jeffrey Ade
@pmfji Life is short, we are all going to be removed soon by God's hand! I hope it doesn't come too soon!
Malki Tzedek
Forget about 'papal infallibility' for the time being, time to 'dialogue' about 'papal imbecility'.