Normand Thomas

46. Continuous conversion and notice

When we are living a basic conversion, there arises a deep desire to boldly explore the source, to know who God is and why his Love pierces our hearts.

Continuous conversion involves discovering and deepening the roots that lead us to know God’s Love. Prospecting in the Bible, to examine the source of faith, is a human and natural process to starting to know who is God.
The teenage years are usually coloured by researching and understanding of family roots.

The teenager becomes aware of the people around him who have been present during his life. Who am I? Why am I? Who are they? Why them?
We will do the same exercise, in order to identify in several Bible texts, of which concerns God. Then we will dig into the very source of God’s reality. Who is God? Why him?

But what are we looking for? As every human being one day finds himself before the question of love, we will search together, in the Bible, what’s revealed about the Love of God. On the other hand, and because of this exercise, it will be necessary to dig out what is also contrary to the Love of God.

We are aware that there is a danger in carrying out such a project. It’s sometimes difficult to understand why, on one hand, God is loving and the benefactor, but on the other hand, he seems to be wishing us harm, for obscure reasons.

It’s false that God would want to hurt us, we know that. More precisely, evil is present in the sacred texts (Bible) because the people become lukewarm and they turn away from God; which undeniably attracts him to sin, to evil.

It should be noted that, as you will become aware in this book, the reality of God will never be eliminated (Love, peace, joy, mercy, etc.). On the other hand, what does not suit him will be underlined. This is the difficult part of the exercise. It requires an openness of mind and heart on the reader’s part. After clearing through the deeper meaning of God in the Bible, Love will become visible.

It will be up to every person who reads this book, to discover that God is Love and that he never causes harm or leads his people or anyone to misfortune. We hope this makes the Bible more interesting and easy to read. We want to bring out the best of the Bible and we wish it ardently, without prejudice to the truth it contains.

Let’s be reassured from the start that all that’s written in the Bible is wanted from God. We repeat: All the texts of the Bible God wants. They teach us about history and human behaviour and God who’s with us in history.

So we want to search together, excavate (dig out) and unpack the reality of God through what is written about him. We dare to release and reveal the Love of God by elevating, as within a hologram projection, some chosen passages from the Bible.

It’s an invitation to conversion and to a sincere journey. We do believe, God is Love and he can only be Love. It’s rather humans who sin, hides and disfigures the face of God.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s reveal God, Normand Thomas