There Is Something Miraculous About

Among the big Catholic websites of international importance, is doubtlessly the one with the lowest budget. Ours is not even a shoestring budget.

Although it is one of the world's biggest Catholic media, spent in 2019 not even 150,000 Euro. We contain our expenses to what is strictly necessary.

As a comparison:, a news website operating in several languages and cooperating with the Vatican, needed this year 26 times more money than $ 4 Million.

There are several excellent Catholic news sites. However, many of them suffer from one big problem. They almost totally depend on the big social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) in order to be found, clicked, shared. They also host their videos with them.

We know how anti-Catholic the social media are, and how quickly they eliminate those who don't pay homage to what they call "mainstream."

Therefore, equipped itself with a technical level allowing it to operate as a social media, independent from Big Tech and their spying. There is no other Catholic project that can compete with in terms of functions, security, speed, self-hosting.

It is almost a miracle that God maintained and developed in the last twelve years, with very little money.

Last year, for the first time, was confronted with a serious deficit of 25,000 Euro which dried up our reserves. To reach an even balance, we still need 13,000 Euro for this year.

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