Dutch Group Presents Evidence of Vaccine Dangers at the International Criminal Court in The Hague by Scott Boyd

In normal times, news that massive amounts of evidence of Covid-19 vaccine dangers was presented at the International Criminal Court in The Hague would be major news covered worldwide. These aren’t normal times, so the event was completely ignored by pretty much every major media outlet. As far as they’re concerned, the vaccines are “safe and effective” because they’ve all been instructed by the powers-that-be to declare that the vaccines are “safe and effective.”

Our readers know they’re not, but the message is having challenges reaching the masses. The powers-that-be have complete control over mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and most governments. It should come as a shock to no one that pressure is being applied to keep any news that runs counter to their narrative from coming to light. We will continue to highlight as much of this news as we can, including this article from Free West Media:
New evidence showing harmfulness of Corona vaccinations presented to International Criminal Court
An independent Dutch Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry set up in 2020, has new evidence it presented to the International Criminal Court in The Hague about the harmfulness of the Corona vaccinations.
The BPOC 2020 is a committee set up by citizens and is completely separate from government, business and politics. The committee was set up by Pieter Kuit and his daughter Jade Kuit.
“It comes from a sense of justice. People have needlessly lost their freedoms. But everything the government says is widely reported in the media. You can hardly find any other information.” Kuit says he receives about 600 to 700 e-mails and 80 telephone calls a day from people who have the same concerns about the government’s lack of transparency. According to Kuit, the government “cannot provide any scientific substantiation”.
The committee has examined the proportionality of the policy and measures with regard to Covid-19 and also investigates whether the government is complying with the law. To this end, the committee hears experts such as doctors, scientists, lawyers and professors, who focus on the following question:

“Why have restrictive measures been imposed in our country since March 15, 2020 due to Covid19, are these measures effective and are the measures imposed in proportion to the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus?”
The interviews with experts are public, filmed and streamed. A written report is made of the information sessions. Interim reports and ultimately a final report with findings and conclusions are drawn up which are presented to the House of Representatives and all relevant social authorities such as youth care, trade unions and the National Ombudsman.

Right of Parliamentary Inquiry
The House of Representatives can independently conduct research into policy and projects and have that research carried out by MPs. Several instruments can be used for this. The most efficient means is research based on the Parliamentary Inquiry Act. Since 2016, the House of Representatives has also been able to hold a parliamentary inquiry.
Thus a large number of views from experts, doctors, virologists, mathematicians, economists, but also entrepreneurs have been videotaped without any editing and live-streamed on Facebook as befits a transparent parliamentary democracy.
Covid vaccines are not safe
The experts consulted by the BPOC2020 believe that the vaccines are not safe for use. This is also apparent from the reports received by the Committee’s Vaccination Reporting Center.
Until October 8, 2204 deaths and 2835 cases of serious injury after the Corona vaccine have been registered by the vaccine adverse reaction hotline. The government’s database on adverse events Lareb, however refuses to process these reports.
The Rutte administration does not wish to take note of the reports
Cases of serious health damage, leukemia in young people, miscarriages, myocarditis and thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome have been noted. The BPOC2020 is convinced that the Dutch government is aware of the deaths and serious cases of health damage that have occurred and still occur daily after vaccination.
However, the government does not wish to take cognizance of the reports. Lareb is also silent about the investigation into the reports that have been received at the center. This has been the reason for the Committee to hand over all its evidence regarding the deaths and serious vaccine injuries reported, to the International Criminal Court for investigation.

The BPOC2020 also handed over the interview reports of its visit to the Ministry of Health and visit to the Lareb to the ICC. It is not yet clear what will happen to the evidence.

Drs. Pieter Kuit, voorzitter BPOC2020, bij Paleis Justitie Den Haag in gesprek met Rico Brouwer. Hele interview:
— BPOC2020 (@bpoc2020) February 16, 2021
If Government Won’t Help, We Must Stand For Ourselves
Reading news like this can be both encouraging and frustrating. It’s good that the truth is being presented to government officials, but what good will it do? Considering the aforementioned control the powers-that-be have over government, is there any amount of evidence that can force them to stop doing the bidding of the globalists?
This is where we come in. For things to change, we need the people of the world to start demanding action based on the truth, not the agenda being applied against us. Even government is beholden to the people when enough are aware and willing to stand up against the globalists. We’re in uncharted territory; there has never been such a concerted effort to mislead all the people of the world. But the globalists are also experiencing something new, which should give us hope. Have they overplayed their hand?
As of now, it appears their plans are working. But every day, more people are coming into the awareness that the narratives being fed to them by governments and their proxies are loaded with half-truths and outright lies. If there’s still a chance of winning, this is how it will be done. We need to reach critical mass of people who are aware of the truth and willing to join us in bringing it forth.
What BPOC 2020 and many other groups are doing is important work. It may not break through the shields that governments have put up, but if it reaches some who will then be prompted to join the fight, their efforts are worthwhile.
Image by Marco Verch from Flickr, CC BY 2.0.