Corona-Madness: More People Allowed In a Bus Than In the Cathedral

Sydney Archdiocese launched a petition asking that churches be “allowed” to open. Presently, there is an obvious double-standard.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher, 60, explains on (May 27) that “it makes no sense that a bus that stops outside St Mary’s Cathedral can have more people in it than the Cathedral itself.”

Sydney cathedral has 2600 sqm. The average size of a city bus is 37 sqm which makes a bus 70 times smaller than the cathedral.

And, “It also makes no sense that people have to sign in when they enter the Cathedral, but not when they enter the café across the road”.


Two months ago Team Apocalypse said we needed a million ventilators. Six weeks ago we were running out of PPE. Four weeks ago we had to wait two weeks. Two weeks ago we needed a million tests - a day. Now everyone has to wear a mask.
Here is another double standard