Opus Dei “Thanks the Church” For Controversial Italian Missal

Opus Dei Father Giovanni Zaccaria, a professor at the Roman Opus Dei University, praised the new edition of the Italian Novus Ordo Missal (, November 23).

His article shows the Missal’s sacrilegious cover picture of Christ. The Missal is criticised for its wrong translation of the Gloria, the words of Consecration, and the Our Father.

Nevertheless, Zaccaria writes in the title of his article that it is “an occasion to thank the Church.” But in the whole article he only makes radom, generic statements about the liturgy without ever saying anything about the New Missal.

Zaccaria concludes his remarks with a likewise generic quote of “Saint Josemaría,” the founder of the Opus Dei, but conceals that Escrivà (+1975) never used the Novus Ordo.


Like the seventies never ended for them.
Gotta love that 70s era "folk Mass" "felt banner" Jesus artwork. Hippie Jesus givin' a peace sign, whoa,...far out, man! :P
P. O'B
Thanks for giving me one reason to like Josemaria Escriva.