May 25th: The tragic unveiling of Ireland

Marcel de la Cruz | | June 10, 2018

May 25th, 2018 will remain a day that will stain the memory of Ireland’s previous and glorious civilizational achievements. The passage by referendum of a vote that would remove any protections to the life of the child in the womb is likely unprecedented in human history. Not now, but soon, that vote will haunt many who will come to understand clearly what they have done.

It is also the case that the true Ireland remains in the over 700,000 voters who sought to defend the common understanding of justice that built this nation. In them, as in other tragic moments of history, the best of Ireland was still visible. Their perseverance, constancy, and sacrifice on behalf of future generations, as of yet unknown to them, will also be remembered.

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Joseph a' Christian
The Holy Word teaches us, that in these last days numerous people will be kold.
Europe turned away from the wisdom of Almighty God. Satan took this opportunity, and filled the void with his demonik Muhammads.
Only our Holy Christ Jesus, kan give life.