What are you doing, Bishops of Poland?

These days we commemorate the martyrdom of St Stanislaus (8 May 1079). This bishop of Cracow defended God’s laws even at the cost of cruel death.

In 997, the Czech bishop Adalbert came to Poland, who likewise sanctified the territory of Poland by his martyr’s blood. Before his ordination, he was present at the death of Bishop Dětmar of Prague. The dying bishop lamented: “Oh, what I was like and what I’d like to be now! My sin would be forgiven me if the sins of the people entrusted to me did not increase my misery. I neglected to warn them and to hinder the path of destruction that they voluntarily rushed headlong into. Woe is me that I was silent!” Adalbert was shattered by the bishop’s remorse and self-accusation. This marked the beginning of his conversion and zealous life.

Dear Polish bishops, a millennium has passed since the deaths of these two martyr bishops. Today they are a living reproach to you. How will each of you be dying? Are you aware of the responsibility for the flock entrusted to you, or have you been lulled to sleep by pious phrases? Does Christian faith and morality flourish under your rule, or is it on the decline?

There have been about 20 gay pride parades in Poland, and you are silent. Last year, a Polish boy with a crucifix in his hand and with tears of pain stood against a gay pride march as a living reminder to you. Where were you then? But even after that, you did not repent at least by saying a clear word on the crime of sodomy and humbly confessing, “It was us who should have stood there with a cross!”

When a certain Polish bishop spoke out recently against the LGBT demoralization system, you imposed church sanctions on him. Cardinal Duka of Prague was the only one to defend him.

When gender laws are being enforced today, which demoralize especially Polish youth, you are silent!

What are you doing to stop the systematic demoralization of Polish children through so-called sex education? Apostate Pope Francis promotes this perverted education (as he said on his return flight from Panama). But you must not unite with the betrayal of this apostate who occupies the highest office in the Church! You are obliged to obey God! He will judge both him and you and maybe very soon. How is it that you have not yet made an uncompromising and public demand to the Polish government to ensure sound education in schools?!

Poland has legalized the crimes of official child stealing by social services, and you are silent!

Furthermore, Islamization is being promoted, and you are not only silent but you also cooperate on it and punish those who pray the Rosary and defend the Church and the nation! When your politicians and the Polish people oppose Islamization, you pull the rug from under their feet. You invent and organize subversive activities to bring at least some Islamists to Poland. You have invented a charitable activity aimed at transporting so-called injured migrants to Poland. Who were they? Injured terrorists?

What is your position on pseudo culture behind which is the spirit of Satanism? Narcotics, decadent music, sodomy, all this is attacking Polish youth. Why are you not a prophetic voice for young people? Have you written at least one pastoral letter as a warning against this moral and physical suicide? No! You have eyes and do not see, ears and do not hear, because your unrepentant hearts have grown dull.

When the apostate Pope denied the existence of universally valid moral principles and God’s commandments in his Amoris Laetitia, you were silent. A protest was voiced only by four cardinals who expressed dubia, and then by the laity who submitted a Correction demanding a definitive correction. How is it that no Polish cardinal or bishop has expressed a protest?

When Abp C. M. Viganò spoke out boldly, pointing to the homosexual network at the highest places in the Church and to their crimes, and demanding the resignation of Francis and of the whole network with the aim of restoring the Church, you were cowardly silent again. You did not support this voice of truth.

We have been confronting corona hysteria these days. If you believe that the temple is the dwelling place of the living God, why did you not encourage Polish believers all the more to come to the churches in the same way as in neighbouring Belarus? All Poles there attend Sunday Mass and there are no mass deaths. You closed the churches in false obedience to Bergoglio. Why did you not plead with the government at least at Easter to celebrate the Resurrection in the churches? In Belarus, Polish Catholics celebrated Easter with dignity, as they do every year. Not so in Poland through your fault!

You all know that Bergoglio publicly committed terrible idolatry with the Pachamama demon. If you are in inner unity with him, instead of publicly rebuking him, you are under the same curse and the same anathema as him – i.e. exclusion from the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. Not only have you not rebuked him, but you continue to name him in the Mass and you hold the faithful under God’s curse which is on Bergoglio. When a brave Polish bishop, formerly serving in Kazakhstan, stopped naming this public apostate in the private Mass, lo and behold, you were zealous, immediately reprimanded him and imposed church sanctions on him. This perverted behaviour of yours is a sign that you do not have the Spirit of Christ but the spirit of apostasy. You hide your apostasy behind the cult of so-called Saint John Paul II. You did not repent and you did not truthfully tell the Polish nation that Wojtyla had betrayed God and the First Commandment in Assisi. As you know, he organized a meeting there in 1986 with various pagan sorcerers, Buddhist monks and other pagans who hate our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as with the Dalai Lama who is considered a reincarnated god. Wojtyla expressed spiritual unity with these devil worshippers. He thus gave rise to a heretical public opinion that the redemptive death of our Saviour on the cross is equally valid as satanic rites or other pagan cults that worship demons. Was he declared a saint for this betrayal of Christ and of salvation? Should we follow his example and invite sorcerers and Satanists to every church to express our unity with them? Should we follow his example and desecrate Christian churches with pagan rites that invoke demons? Wojtyla’s gesture and example is the path of apostasy from the Lord Jesus, and it is the path to hell. What is more, Wojtyla was declared a saint by the greatest heretic and apostate Bergoglio. In addition, Wojtyla is to blame for the current crisis in the Church because he was silent on the evil heresies of Modernism which spread during his papacy to all theological faculties and poisoned the whole Church. Is he a saint for that? Have you preserved at least a shred of discernment or are you completely blind? Or are you doing it consciously? Why did you not clearly tell the Polish nation that the canonization of a heretic by a heretic is doubly invalid?!

Instead of repenting, you make an ever new “Assisi” in Cracow every year with the participation of pagan worshippers of demons, and you invite the Dalai Lama, the so-called reincarnated god, to monasteries and Catholic churches. By doing so, you bring down a curse on the entire Polish nation!

If you admitted the spiritual crimes of John Paul II and showed true repentance for them, your eyes would be opened and you would bring a spirit of repentance and conversion into the whole nation of Poland. The Church would experience a spiritual awakening and resurrection. What would the bishops St Adalbert and St Stanislaus do in your place today?

Today you can already see the fruits of German theology which you were thrilled about as seminarians and priests, uncritically accepting the spiritual poisons of heresies. You considered them to be of a high theological and spiritual standard. Now you can see what standard it is and what fruits this poisoned theology has borne. German Card. Marx and the entire Episcopal Conference promote gay marriage in Catholic churches. Even a chronic alcoholic can recognize that this is the height of depravity and blasphemy against God, but you, the bishops, cannot recognize it and you consent by silence. Archbishop Lenga reproached you when there was only one bishop from Ukraine to reprimand Card. Marx, and you were not able to do so although there are so many of you in Poland.

Moreover, John Paul II issued a secret document obliging bishops to remain silent on paedophile crimes. Why was it not mentioned until the release of a documentary? You yourself would never admit this truth.

Bergoglio now plans to abolish celibacy, ordain Amazonian witches as women priests, and introduce pagan rituals into the liturgy. This pierces the heart of the Church, which is the Eucharist. The introduction of pagan and satanic elements into the liturgy is the height of blasphemy! You Polish bishops silently approve of these crimes – no protest, no reprimands from you. You thus have complicity and come under a curse. Dear bishops, you do not lead the Polish nation along the path of the saving doctrine of the Gospel and the following of Christ. On the contrary, you lead it along the downward path of heresies and immorality to destruction. The Polish nation needs to know that you are either false or cowardly shepherds who bring down a curse upon the nation instead of blessing. The reason is your pride, impenitence, lack of faith, pharisaism and clericalism.

As for coronavirus, why are you not a prophetic voice and neglect to warn that there is a real danger of chipping through so-called vaccines? Do you not know it? Or do you prefer not to know? Wake up and repent!

What exactly does God want from you today?

Call on the false Pope to repent publicly for Pachamama idolatry. Inform him that the Episcopal Conference of Poland ceases to name him in the Mass until he repents properly for his apostasy. This is your first step to repentance. This is what God wants from you. God will then enlighten you what next steps to take for the good of your soul and the good of the Polish nation.

May the holy martyr bishops St Adalbert and St Stanislaus be an example to you! Follow them!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

7 May 2020