Cardinal: Amoris Laetitia Needs Clarification

“Doctrinal clarity should never scare anyone” retired Cardinal Jānis Pujats, 87, of Riga, Lettonia, said.

Talking to La Fede Quotidiana (November 19) he pointed out that “uncertainty united with ambiguity and confusion is harmful.” And, “One needs to have the courage to speak plainly, in the language of truth without fear or without wanting to please the world.”

Picture: Jānis Pujats, © Saeima, Flickr, CC BY-SA, #newsRiplviqjrh
GJA Taylor
A/L needs condemnation by real faithful bishops, not the weasils we have.
Confusion is not from God .clarity like the cardinal said should never scare anyone ,Jesus said the Truth will set you free .
Lux de Coelo
no kidding.
looks like he's finally opened his mail, and perhaps even woke up long enough to understand whats going on? may be he finally finished reading it?