Francis' Liberalism Produces Empty Pews - Vatican Hides the Numbers

The Vatican publishes in December the visitor numbers at Papal public encounters (liturgies, audiences, Angelus) of the current year. But in December 2017 this did not happen. In the last years, the numbers have been shrinking dramatically:

2014: 5.92 million visitors
2015: 3.21 million visitors
2016: 3.95 million visitors
2017: ???

The numbers of the pilgrims who care to see Pope Francis during the Wednesday General Audiences are even more disappointing:

2014: 1.2 million
2015: 0.7 million
2016: 0.8 million
2017: ???

The same was true for Francis' Chile visit. According to the crowds were "very thin, in many areas a single line of people.”

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsEzwdclaisp