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Gay Judge Received Methodist Communion-Bread

Public Lesbian Who Was Denied Holy Communion Received Bread at ‘Inclusive’ Methodist Service
Promotiom of the sin of sodomy ,looks and feel good in the eyes of the public ,(they are all being deceived )but not in the eyes of God ,read the Bible
Official Methodist doctrine on the Eucharist is an explicit rejection of Christian teaching. I'm surprised *a Judge* is not able to judge why supporting anti-Catholicism is not faithful Catholicism. "Article XVIII – Of the Lord's Supper" in the Methodist Articles of Religion:
Hell fire 🔥 everyone in this picture will be holding hands in hell, if they do not covert...
"I speak my truth because God made me who I am ... It's not about me and it's not about the priest at my church," said the judge. "I speak my truth" but "It's not about me"
Methodists, Unitarians, Church of the Rainbow Unicorns... For what she is, they're equally good. She found a new home. Cool!
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She knows it's not the true Body and Blood of Christ.