Chile: Fernando Karadima, Defrocked Priest, Homosex Abuser, Dies

Fernando Karadima, 90, a defrocked charismatic Chilean priest at the center of homosexual abuses, died on Sunday of bronchopneumonia and kidney failure in a nursing home after he could not be admitted to the Catholic University Clinic due to a "lack of beds as a result of the COVID-19 cases."

Karadima became famous as the parish priest of the upper class Sacred Heart Church of El Bosque in Santiago de Chile (1985-2006) where he waved an extensive network of influences and political and economical connections, including a network of young people with whom he was constantly surrounded. At least, five of those belonging to his group became later bishops. He founded the Unión Sacerdotal del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

In 2010, Karadima was accused of molesting "young boys" during the 1980s and 1990s. He always denied any wrongdoing but the Holy See found him guilty in January 2011 sentencing him to a life of retirement in prayer and penance, in addition to a perpetual ban on the public exercise of any active ministry.

However, in June 2011, the Vatican withdrew the charge of paedophilia, leaving only those of ephebophilia. He was defrocked in 2018 which ended his "lifetime of penance and prayer."

Karadima's lawyer stressed that the homosexual abuses could not have occurred when the complainants were minors, since they had entered Karadima's circle when they were over 18 years old. This contradiction would discredit their testimonies. Karadima was never prosecuted by the state because of the statute of limitation.

We should pray for everyone who is meeting his creator,we will be there one day also ,with much to answer for.
"ephebophilia". Now there's a word not often seen in such discussions. Technically, an ephebophile might still be a paedophile, depending on the age of his victims.