Pell Is Back: Financial Corruption Greater Risk for Priests Than Temptation of Flesh

Financial corruption can pose a greater risk to clergy than sexual misconduct, Cardinal George Pell said in a June 30 video message for the Roman Opus Dei University. Pell is its founding patron. The Opus Dei is known for its affinity to financial matters.

The cardinal quoted Mother Teresa who said that sexuality and money are the two great challenges for priests but added that the danger of money was bigger than the danger from errant sexuality.

He calls money “a source of temptation” but added that understanding that the Church is not a business "provides no justification for us to be inefficient much less for us to be corrupt.”

For Pell, it's salutary to remember that the only group Christ treated with a whip were the money changers in the temple.

Pell enjoyed his work as head of the Vatican Prefecture for the Economy (2014-2019): "Money is quite fascinating, but it needs to be controlled and managed."

He adds an anecdote: Once Pell told an audience that it was harder to convert a person to Christ than to reform Vatican finances, however, the secular press claimed that he said the opposite.
God bless and preserve this good shephard our beloved cardinal Pell.
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