Too Much "Interpretation"? Doubts About the Benedict Interview

Benedict XVI’s most recent oligarch interview doesn't correspond to the vocabulary and style of Joseph Ratzinger, (March 2) writes.

His arguments: Ratzinger wouldn't have used the word "fanatics" to define those unhappy with his resignation, he would not have intervened in Italian politics by saying that prime minister Mario Draghi is "very esteemed in Germany" and "can ‘resolve the crisis," nor would he have attributed a conviction to President Biden ("personally he is against abortion").

However, Valli believes that the statement that “there are not two popes but only one” is by Ratzinger because he has often said this but never clarified that "the only pope is Bergoglio and I am no longer the pope.” Valli thus implies that Ratzinger with this gives some secret message.

When the interview was published, wrote that, at times, Archbishop Gänswein was interpreting unintelligible statements of the decrepit Benedict.

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There's too much "doubt" and "interpretation" of the interpreations by Valli, as usual. He isn't presenting "arguments". He's presenting opinions: namely his own.
De Profundis
Also Valli: Vatican News headlines with great prominence: “Ratzinger repeats: There are not two popes.” A game that is becoming tedious.