Polemics: Francis Rebrands Faithfulness as "Rigidity"

Pope Francis co-presided on April 24 a New Mass in Santa Marta with the nine cardinals who are members of his council.

In his homily, Francis railed again against “doctors of the law” denouncing their “rigidity” and “close-mindedness”.

He then complained that there are “oppositions to novelties and changes”.

Francis' polemics reminded of anti-Catholic street propaganda which disparages faithfulness as "rigidity" and logical thinking as "close-mindedness". At the same time heresy is branded as "change" and lapsing into the old mistakes as "novelties".

We are living through the Third Secret of Fatima now.
Just as "war is a punishment for sin" so is the Pope a punishment for all out infidelity and a culture of death inside the Church. We need to stay faithful and prayerful. God is in charge. And pray for this sad man.
Perhaps he was simply making the important distinction between vital faithfulness and "rigidity".
Anything this Pope changes ,can be changed back again ,by a Pope that cares about The Gospel
What a shame
Our Lady of Sorrows
Watch the New World Order Pope and building the resistance movement
Francis again demonizing the faithful. What else is new?
More and more see the real nature of this evil (protection and facilitation of dishonesty and sexual abuse) and lewd (filthy, crude language and support for perverts as mentioned) old man who seeks to destroy the Faith. Also people can now see that Vatican 2 with its divinisation of man and general ambiguity, plus its interpretation are a cancer. Both need to made history.
Dr Bobus
I hope he continues. The more he spouts such nonsense, the stronger the reaction. The stronger the reaction, the more likely that the next pope will understand that the neo con Church is Protestantized. Then true reform can begin.