In all his "mercy"..(his main motto, second to all his synods on sinodality).

“The Church is for everyone”, said Pope Francis on his 10th anniversary as leader of Catholicism

In an in-depth interview with Infobae, the Supreme Pontiff referred to the possibility of a regime change …
Bonnie Louise
He gave like 5 interviews to various outlets. Can you say S__T eating grin?
Bonnie Louise
This douche really believes we are all celebrating his "anniversary", when we really wish he had never been born.
Liam Ronan
Clearly he is a man influenced by the sentiment crooned in "The Best Things in Life are Free" - Frank Sinatra (1949)
Opera 369
In comparison, Frank Sinatra's mischiefs, seem like children's games.At least FS did not call himself 'pope'.