Cardinal Burke Preaches Against Coronavirus Prophets

False prophets of the world tell us that our life "will never be the same" as a result of what is happening today, Cardinal Raymond Burke said in a homily in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in La …
You were fully aware of Francis false teaching yet you use the excuse we must be patient, well that didn't work did it
You reap what you sow.
SSPX been on the front lines trying to get Rome back to it senses but you defended the Vatican II sect.
Voris , EWTN and catholic neocons like opus dei can thank themselves for this mess.
De Profundis
“The Lord is more anxious to forgive our sins than a woman is to carry her baby out of a burning building." — St. John Vianney
Gesù è con noi
Long live Cardinal Burke. May the Lord continue to bless, guide and protect you 😍…
F M Shyanguya
The World IS already not the same again. But this is their very last act. Our LORD will save us and a beautiful world is in the making.
F M Shyanguya
Now this reading is made plain:
Our Lady of Sorrows
Not worried about the "Virus" migrants arriving in UK
Our Lady of Sorrows
Churches closed but migrants continue come to Britain