Cardinal Pell . . . The Persecution Continues | The Wanderer Newspaper

By JOHN YOUNG SYNDEY, Australia — “I hope George Pell has been sufficiently weakened by the prison he deserved to spend the rest of his miserable …
Novella Nurney
@Alex A. If your outside the U.S.A. you may not be able to due to " hate speech " laws where you reside. " The Wanderer" is the less traditional "The Remnant" . They are owned by cousins. Try searching it on your own or you may need a VPN to bypass.
Alex A
Unable to access the above. Left perplexed as to why.
It's not you. I was able to access it earlier. It's something weird with their server. -just so you know.
Alex A
You'll never see a left-wing feminist gloating when a minority was forced to spend time in prison for a wrongful conviction.
sad, all this......