Francis: Another Apologia Pro Pontificatu Suo?

Francis put his Peter and Paul homily (June 29) under the two catchwords “unity” and “prophecy.”

The homily presented a clear line of thought, a laudable rarity among homilies of bishops.

Francis observes that the Church started praying when Herod arrested Peter, “No one abused Herod – and we are so accustomed to abuse those who are in charge.”

From this he concludes that it is “pointless” for Christians to “complain.” In a turn not warranted by the context, he jumps from Herod to Peter, “There were reasons to criticize Peter, but no one criticized him.”

He explains, “If Peter had been more careful, we would not be in this situation.”

Francis homily becomes an apology for his Pontificate, “They did not talk about Peter behind his back; they talked to God.”

Therefore, Francis wants to “protect our unity” with prayer, “Let us pray for those who govern!” – giving the impression that the faithful should basically shut up (“pray”) in the face ob the abuses coming from Rome.

Then, Francis speaks about “prophecy” which according to him is born “whenever we allow ourselves to be challenged by God.” This definition is misleading: Prophecy is born, when a prophet receives a word from God, and proclaims it.

Francis falls into his mantras when he says that prophecy is “not” when we are concerned “to keep everything quiet and under control” but “when the Gospel overturns certainties,” when “someone is open to God’s surprises.” Francis is confused: The Gospel overturns uncertainties.

If Francis believes his homily, why then is he such a control-freak who eliminates everybody mercilessly who challenges his “certainties”?

You are not Peter.
Angelici Ordinis
His kind of personality type doubles down on its wrongness when challenged. They knew that when they installed him where he is now. This kind of personality should NEVER be allowed into the priesthood (assuming his ordination is even valid).
Ivan Tomas
A homily of a Deceiver.
De Profundis
Seriously, Francis? "Pray for unity in the Church" - No one has done more against unity in the last 7 years than Bergoglio himself.