Praedicate Evangelium: More Centralism, More Bureaucracy, More Dictator Pope

PE 44 reduces the Secretariat of State to a “papal secretariat,” IlSismograf.Blogspot.com (March 20) noticed.

Until now, the “Cardinal Secretary of State” presided over it (Pastor Bonus 40). New, it is “led by the Secretary of State” (PE 45) who, therefore, can be a layman.

PE significantly inflates the organisation chart although it claims to do the opposite.

John Paul II’s Pastor Bonus provided for:
• 9 Congregations
• 3 Courts
• 12 Pontifical Councils

= 24 entities

+ Secretariat of State

PE provides for:
• 3 Courts
• 6 Economic bodies
• 3 Offices
• 16 Congregations (now called: Dicasteries)

= 28 entities

+ Secretariat of State

Francis excessive bureaucratic top-down approach introduced with dozens of Motu Proprios has created problems which will likely increase.

Picture: © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsXahmxwoyau

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