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Bishop: Masked Priests Are a Counter-Sign

The state has no authority to tell the Church how to celebrate divine worship, Baker Bishop Liam Cary, USA, wrote on August 28 in a still relevant statement.

The Church establishes the manner of its worship “without having to render an account to Caesar.” Cary underlines that “physical hygiene is not the only consideration,” arguing against masked priests which creates a serious symbolic confusion.

“Covering the face of the celebrant goes directly against the oft-repeated scriptural cry of the heart to God: Hide not Your face from me. Show me Your face.” For Cary, a masked priest is “a detrimental counter-sign” of division and danger.

He concludes that priests “may not wear masks” while celebrating Mass and the ordinary reception of Communion on the tongue may not be denied.


Nancy Allen
Thank-you, Bp. Cary!
This is the rite of the masks.
Fr Dan
Bravo Bishop.