Becciu: “I Am Innocent”

Cardinal Angelo Becciu told IlMessagero.it (September 25) that he accepted Francis requst to step aside "out of a spirit of obedience and out of love that I bring to the Church and the Pope," adding that "I am innocent and I will prove it.”

Becciu asks for the right to defend himself. The accusations against him concern a mysterious 2014 investment in a luxury London property, and promoting his brothers' business interests with Church money.

Last week, LaVerita.info reported about a possible “scam” involving four more Vatican properties in London purchased in 2014 with high brokerage fees.

LaNuovaBq.it writes that Francis acted like a South American junta leader when kicking out Becciu, using methods which he already applied against Müller, Burke, Comastri, Gänswein, and many others.

For LaNuovaBq.it it is especially disturbing that the dossiers are passed on to the press in order the person. Becciu is called “corrupt” without even being indicted.

“There is a public execution of the sentence without a trial,” LaNuovabq.it observes. Others, like Cardinal Maradiaga who is accused of similar financial misconduct, still enjoy Francis' protection.

Picture: Angelo Becciu, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQptciepqfz

Cardinal Becciu on his sacking: “I said to the Pope: why are you doing this to me in front of the whole world?" "The Holy Father explained that I had given favours to my brothers and their businesses with Church money but I am certain there are no crimes"
Cardinal Becciu is giving a press conference right now with select journalists