BCP: mRNA vaccination – an unsolvable situation. Where is our help? Who do you trust? Do you trust virology experts or those who lie non-stop on all TV channels? The mass media are instilling fear …More
BCP: mRNA vaccination – an unsolvable situation. Where is our help?

Who do you trust? Do you trust virology experts or those who lie non-stop on all TV channels?

The mass media are instilling fear in people, producing hysteria and professionally brainwashing them. For what purpose? To make as many people as possible believe the lie that the only way out and the last hope is vaccination against Covid. They say that if you get this vaccine, for which neither the manufacturer nor the government nor the doctor want to be held responsible, everything will return to normal. However, real experts say the exact opposite. The facts already prove that those who die of Covid today were fully vaccinated! So they died of the vaccine rather than Covid! British Funeral Director John O’Looney is blowing the whistle, confirming that those who have died recently were vaccinated. The myth of the miracle vaccine has turned out to be a big fake. What is more, the vaccinated are becoming the biggest threat to themselves and their surroundings. Why? This is explained not only by Dr Zelenko, but also by others. Dr Zelenko says: “When a person gets an injection of these ‘vaccines’, the body becomes a spike protein-producing factory.”

Example: A young expectant mother and her husband visited the husband’s vaccinated parents. Immediately after, the young woman suffered severe cramps, completely lost strength, was confined to bed and could not move.

Another example: A young couple with small children visited their aunt. The aunt and her husband had already received the mRNA vaccine. During the visit, the young man’s bones and whole body began to ache; he ran a high temperature and completely lost strength.

A woman suffering from cancer necessarily needed radiotherapy. She was under strong pressure to first take the vaccine or undergo a series of dangerous and unreliable tests. If she does not meet these conditions, she is refused lifesaving treatment.

Nurses testify that patients currently hospitalized for severe Covid-19 have all been fully vaccinated against Covid. So the myth of the miracle vaccine has vanished. Nevertheless, the media continue their vaccination demagoguery in order to create a fraudulent atmosphere for absurd government measures. They intentionally withhold true information.

Professor Bhakdi from Germany, a researcher and virologist, urgently warns against vaccination:

If you had the first shot and got away with it, thank God, thank the Lord, but don’t take the second shot. Because when you take the second shot, you are going to be asking for big trouble.

In the lymph nodes you will have the killer-lymphocytes and other cells X. If a cell X makes these spike proteins, this lymphocyte is going to attack its brother or sister. It’s already terrible in itself if killer-lymphocytes start trying to kill you.

I want you to decide to not take the second shot. Not only the second shot, but any shot thereafter is going to place your life in danger. The pandemic is not existent as a mortally dangerous new disease.

Covid-19 is a global fraud and an even greater fraud is global Covid vaccination!

Media terror first gave a picture of an alleged calamity with overcrowded freezing boxes of corpses, and now, for a change, they have come up with the idea that those who refuse vaccines are to blame for a so-called pandemic and allegedly threaten everyone, including the vaccinated. This is utter nonsense! The lying media are now to blame for the lynching of innocent people who reject an absurd and highly dangerous vaccine that is not a vaccine and is more of a biological weapon. Dr Zelenko confirms this: “This is an artificially made bio-weapon.”

And he continues: “There is zero justification for using this poison death shot! … Your Ministry of Health is lying to you. December 20th, 2020: There is a huge spike in the curve of death in Israel. Do you know what happened in Israel on December 20th? National Immunization started!”

Doctor Zelenko is telling the truth, and therefore he is threatened with death almost daily, he admits. He and his team have successfully treated over 6,000 patients for Covid. He is competent to comment professionally on the vaccine. True experts like him are persecuted, silenced and morally destroyed for truth’s sake. Today, one can give the names of specialists who urgently warned against the experimental vaccine and who, although not ill, died suddenly.

Who promotes the vaccine and why? It is promoted, for example, by Bill Gates who said: “If we do a great job on vaccines, we could lower the population by 10-15%.”

Another illiterate who promotes vaccination, and stops at nothing, is pseudo Pope Francis Bergoglio who says: “It must be done!” And he adds hypocritically: “It is an act of love!” – In fact, it is a crime against humanity! He himself has introduced mandatory Covid passports in the Vatican as the first state in the world. All Vatican employees must be vaccinated. The pseudo Pope notoriously boycotts the warnings from real experts and keeps repeating like a mantra a blatant lie about the absolute necessity of getting vaccinated. He thus commits a crime not only against God and the Church, but also against all of humanity. Bergoglio’s deceitful demagoguery is followed by some of the prelates who have exchanged the truth for a lie and God for the devil. One should beware of these wolves in sheep’s clothing; you will recognize them by their fruits.

Unlike the papal arch-liar Bergoglio, the French virologist Dr Montagnier, a Nobel laureate for the discovery of HIV, calls for an immediate end to mass vaccination. He says: “This vaccine is the biggest risk of genocide to humanity in all of human history.” The pseudo Pope, however, absurdly argues that this programmed genocide is an act of love.

The tragedy is that people overwhelmed by media lies are unable to take real experts seriously. They risk being crippled or dying after the vaccine. Today, it is appropriate to ask people: Why do you follow those whose aim is your mutilation or death and the mass spread of the disease? Why are you listening to them? Is it even possible what is happening today? It is easy to prove today that more people die of the vaccine than of Covid. At the same time, it is known that mortality from Covid has not exceeded the mortality from ordinary seasonal flu. In addition, unreliable statistics were inflated by counting the deaths of people who died with Covid, but not of Covid. Covid was the cause of death even in car accidents.

Czech virologist Sona Pekova commented on the question of whether it is possible to produce an effective vaccine for Covid. She explained that it is not possible to produce an effective vaccine because of a rapid mutation of the virus. Why? Because the vaccine is not able to get ahead of the mutation. Russian specialist Professor Redko said that effective vaccines had always been used only against stable infections such as polio, measles, etc. and never against a virus that mutates.

Vaccination triggers a world war, which in the psychological field leads to the division of families and the nation.

Example: In one family, a man in his 60s was vaccinated. His wife, on the other hand, is against vaccination. His daughter-in-law believed in the vaccine and was also vaccinated. Her husband has obtained true information from experts and is therefore radically opposed to vaccination. In one house, the elderly parents are divided against each other and so are the young spouses. Such a deep division of society has never been achieved in the entire history of mankind. Aggression and hatred is solely on the part of the vaccinated.

True experts reveal the nature of the threat of the experimental vaccine: 1) It changes the human genome, thus making humans genetically modified organisms and leading to the self-destruction of the human race. 2) The vaccine contains nanoparticles that enter the brain, and it thus belongs to the process of the chipization of mankind, especially in combination with 5G. A chipped person ceases to be a human, that is, a free being. He becomes a biorobot. 3) Vaccination is a means to reduce the population, that is, to cause self-destruction of humanity. 4) Vaccination is also an element of satanization, because the biological basis of the mRNA vaccine is tissue torn from a live unborn child before it is killed.

It should be noted, too, that current vaccination is an experiment on humans, which is prohibited by the Nuremberg Code as a crime against humanity.

Dozens of incorruptible top experts in virology warn of the specific consequences we are already seeing today. Dr Ryan Cole, USA: “The mRNA vaccine is the toxin. It causes the disease. The same lung disease, the same vascular disease, the same heart disease, the same brain disease...” Other experts emphasize that the vaccine damages the central nervous system. The prognosis over which Dr Cahill from Ireland is sounding the alarm is as follows: “Within two years, 90% of the people that got vaccinated will be dead.” This is a serious matter! We should really start to be afraid of that, rather than of the bogeyman stories in the media, which, on the contrary, are pushing us to the vaccination slaughterhouse.

The biggest crime is to introduce mandatory vaccination of children, as they are already trying to do in some countries. Experts state that 99.998% of children recover from Covid without any treatment. But after the vaccine, children die or have serious problems. Prof Dr Bhakdi, a microbiologist and virologist, warns: “If you give that jab to your child, you are committing a crime! I consider these gene vaccines to be experiments on humans that are banned!”

Today we are at the height of the technological revolution. Computer technology is a benefit, but it is also a great danger to humanity. Total control of people is being established. The human mind is blinded, drunk with the pride of success. All scientific progress in the hands of evil people is turned against the individual and humanity.

Here we come to basic questions that people avoid. The question of evil, the question of wars... All wars, all crimes come from the common source of evil that is within every person. We inherited it from our first parents. Neither logic nor technology will free us humans from this spiritual source of evil – hereditary sin. People are in bondage to lies and evil, which many do not want to admit in their spiritual blindness. We see the visible fruits in coronapsychosis. The power of evil was unleashed by gradually putting aside just laws that had always prevented the invasion of evil. Evil is privileged by anti-laws and is called a human right. We are witnesses to the promotion of gender ideology which has the cheek to talk nonsense about a man not being a man and a woman not being a woman. Consequently, the stealing of children by the juvenile justice system is also accepted. These crimes are wrapped in phrases about children’s and women’s rights. It is a mockery of truth, justice and reality. But people are brainwashed into gradually accepting absurd lies. Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath, so they have a duty to treat illness. Today, however, if someone gets sick and refuses to undergo vaccination or absurd testing, they let them die, for example, of appendicitis. By putting them under strong pressure, this criminal system turns doctors into undertakers. About 125,000 people died in Germany in three months as a result of focus on so-called Covid measures, and hence neglect of medical care.

With the Covid madhouse, we have found ourselves in a situation where each of us must seriously think of death. And the second question that everyone has to ask themselves is what will happen after death. After death there is God’s judgment and then eternity. Happy for some, unhappy for others. This is not a hundred or a thousand years, but an eternity. Man himself makes the final choice in life regarding his eternal destiny. The only way of salvation for every human being is true repentance, without which no one will be saved, not even a bishop or pope.

And what is true repentance? To repent is to confess your sin to yourself – to say: I was deceived, I believed a lie – and to confess it to God as well. At the same time, I must accept the offered salvation, that is, the vicarious sacrifice of the Son of God for my sins which I have committed in my life. Everyone, without exception, can be saved only by repentance, through which they obtain the forgiveness of sins (Lk 24:47). Repentance is associated not only with the confession of sins, but also with the faith in the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Scripture emphasizes: “There is salvation in no one else.” (Acts 4:12)

How to achieve salvation? Scripture says: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Rom 10:13) What is the name of the Lord? His name is Jesus, Isus in Greek, Yehoshua in Hebrew. Therefore, find at least three minutes every day, for example before sleep, realize your guilt before God, and repeat with faith: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner” – do so five times with your spiritual eyes focused on the five wounds of Christ. This is perfect contrition. You will need nothing more at the hour of your death. Therefore, make an act of perfect contrition daily. God promises you in His Word: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” You will be saved! The calling on the name of Jesus is a means of salvation from eternal death in hell. Only a spiritually blind or proud person rejects his own salvation or, in other words, commits his spiritual suicide.
Everyone who has received the mRNA vaccine must admit that even if they were put under pressure, they are still to blame because they submitted to it. They must confess this both to themselves and to God and ask God for forgiveness this very day, because Jesus said: “Death will come as a thief; you know neither the day nor the hour.” Every vaccinated person, in particular, must be prepared to face death, God’s judgment and eternity. Call on the name of God daily, because in this name is your salvation!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

6 October 2021

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