Francis Compares His Time in Germany to Covid-19

In a new book, Francis calls his time in Germany his “Covid of the exile.”

He went to Frankfurt in 1986 to study German and to finish his doctorate, but “I felt like a fish outside water.”

During his walks he could see the nearby Frankfurt airport and the planes landing and taking off, "I longed for my country, to go back.”

When Argentina won the 1986 FIFA World Cup on June 29 against Germany, this was not mentioned in the German classes. Only a Japanese girl wrote on the blackboard “Viva Argentina.” The others laughed. The professor entered, cleand the blackboard and ignored the topic.

“It was the solitude of a lonely victory,” a sentimental Francis remembers.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTjxdcbwkri

@Tesa This also explains his holy terror of COVID.
He had tried to fulfill a "black pope" prophecy.
Also from this book. After being saved from the respiratory infection that nearly killed him when he was 21, Francis decided to join the Jesuit religious order. [Sounds like Martin Luther]