Protestants celebrate a gay marriage in the church of Saint Bridget of Sweden

Sweden, September-23-2017
Protestants celebrate a gay marriage in the Vadstena Abbey Church in which the relics of Saint Bridget of Sweden are kept for 700 years.

Catholic pilgrims were surprised to witness a gay pseudo-marriage in a former catholic church, confiscated by the protestant revolution, that is still shared with Catholics for Holy Mass, including the traditional Roman rite, and veneration of the relics of Saint Bridget.

The Vadstena Abbey Church belongs to the Lutheran Church. Francis Bergoglio is working hard to reach an effective ecumenism with this denomination by the means of new doctrines, a new common liturgy of the Mass, the first step being a common Eucharistic prayer, and the sharing of ministers.

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Note: These two sources, especially the Italian source, contain more information on the situation which is not reproduced in my brief article.
Hugh N. Cry
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