Christmas Campaign: Financial Insights

Every Advent, Gloria.tv is struggling to hit the minimum goal to cover the financial needs of the year.

Where does the money come from?

Gloria.tv lives only from private donations which are small, not tax-deductible, and for God’s sake alone. Unlike other projects, there are no wealthy Catholics supporting us.

In this first Covid-19 year 2020, there were exceptions: Gloria.tv received 5.000 Swiss francs and 8.000 Euro from two persons, the latter was a priest.

Another noteworthy donation: A family with an unemployed father and several children has been donating already for years 100 Euro. This embarrasses us. Don’t give what you need for yourself. If you cannot donate pray for Gloria.tv and its donors.

If despite Covid-19 you still can spare a dime, we kindly ask you to support us in this Advent. It has pleased God’s providence to keep Gloria.tv alive and to do it only with small donations. May His Holy Will be done.

You can donate

with credit card or paypal via Kindful: click here

with a bank transfer to the account:
IBAN AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488

For what does Gloria.tv need the money?

Gloria.tv needs every year an average of 120,000 Euro which is donated by 3,000 donors.

Last year, the biggest assets were 30,000 Euro for buying/renting server-computers. Further we spent the insane amount of 20,000 Euro for a Copyright filter. Without it, we could get into legal problems which could easily ruin Gloria.tv.

There are costs for freelance work, rarely a lawyer, office structures, computers, fundraising, phones, Internet, software, two symbolic “salaries” (a bit more than 300 Euros a month) and traveling costs of 500 Euros in 2019.

We pay for translations of articles. Then, in 2016, we translated the whole structure of Gloria.tv into many languages. Since then, we added new technical features and improved services (e.g. our "like" system). These features are not translated yet and have to be completed (for about 4,000 Euro in total).

How much do we need this Advent to balance even

Gloria.tv has hardly any reserves. Our annual goal is to only balance even each year. For this Advent, we will need to collect nearly 40,000 Euro as this is our main fundraising campaign besides Lent.

If you can support us financially despite Covid-19, its lockdowns and social unrest, we kindly ask you to do so. Our little Gloria.tv needs your big help. Thank you so much!

Picture: © Lawrence OP, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsUfbjcstuqw

Holy Cannoli and one more user link to this post
Gloria.Tv has helped a lot in these Corona Days...Thanks!
Dear Gloria.tv, It is wonderful to be able to create video clips and upload them--to be active and not passive all time --is a great feature you have. I also LOVE to be able to download and share. THANK YOU Don Reto Nay, don Marcus, Eva and all the Gloria.tv Team...After 10 years, you are like Family...May enough donors continue to help your website...Blessings...