German Bishop: Contradicting Religions Lead To God [Or Rather to the Devil]

Second Vatican Council opened the Church up to the "modern world," Essen Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck, Germany, declaimed in an April 12 talk in Berlin. Overbeck did not explain what "modern world" is.

Part of the Church's opening was, so Overbeck, accepting the theory that "other religions also lead to God."

This implies that Overbeck's "god" leads people through falsehood and contradiction. This "god" is commonly called "the devil."

According to, Overbeck also attacked the Society of St Pius X because it does not accept approaches of "religious freedom" and "human rights."

However, "religious freedom" and "human rights" are catchphrases used to trick the opponent because they only apply to the powerful, not to religious people or to normal humans.

Picture: Franz-Josef Overbeck, © Maik Meid, CC BY-SA, #newsRcfxyokzgk
Opened the Church to heretics like this.
And up is down and right is wrong , correct bishop?
What about what Jesus say ,that He is the Way the Truth and Life ,no one goes to the Father except by Him ?did these priests forget about it ?