Anglican “Ambassador” to Holy See is Pro-Gay and Pro-Death

The director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, layman-archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi, stepped down last week following an unspecified allegation of sexual misconduct. Burundi-born Ntahoturi was in office since October 2017.

The Centre is considered the Anglican “embassy” in Rome. Its director is the personal representative of the Cantebury layman-archbishop to the Holy See. A successor has not yet been appointed.

From next year, the centre's chair of governors will be led by the Irish layman-bishop Michael Burrows, a pro-death and pro-gay activist.

Burrows campaigned for the Irish referendum that legalised abortion-murder and supported the gay pseudo-marriage referendum.

Picture: Justin Welby, Bernard Ntahoturi, © Anglican Centre in Rome, #newsUvauxbjxhg