PROFESSOR GONE WILD: Pro-abortion professor Shellyne Rodriquez curses at pro-life students and vandalizes table at Hunter College. Source, Students for Life of America auf Twitter: „PROFESSOR GONE WILD …More
Laura Yunque
Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
Credo .
She should be sacked immediately, and prohibited ever again for having interaction with young people. Her behavior not only raises her suitability as a teacher, but I would question how on earth did she gain her professorship, or did she simply cut it out from a cornflake box? She's the one with the problem, not the young people!
Jason l
She belongs to the devil and looks it.
When you see someone like this resorting to slander and meanness, you know that they have lost the argument!
evil on the loose ,is this woman deceived ?
Jeffrey Ade
@Marysrose I think you are right! Thank you for reminding us we need to be more "sober and watchful!"
Such a visceral reaction can mean possession. Every Catholic needs to learn and understand how to use binding prayers when being attacked. Laypeople cannot exorcise others, but we can renounce and bind demons attacking us.