Idea instead of March for Life in DC

Leila Marie Lawler has an idea about the cancellation of the March for Life in DC:
"I have long thought it would be a strong pro-life witness, state by state, to mark the passage of Roe v. Wade by going to local abortion clinics and state capitols .
Young people arriving at these venues in droves, ready to pray and be seen, supplying coverage for business hours, could really make a difference. Invite the bishop!
It has always bothered me that while everyone is marching in DC, the abortion clinics are doing their bloody business.
It wouldn't even take much planning. It would be better than a virtual event, which in any case could certainly coordinate with a real-life witness.
I'm not very young, but I will be there, in Worcester at the Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St., on Friday Jan. 22."
The March for Life leadership has accepted the KofC idea of selling lawmakers on the idea of abortion being OK in the first trimester. See speech by supreme Knight Carl Anderson and policy of March for Life.