Pope Francis Appoints Opponents Of Celibacy To Prepare Amazonian Synod

The Vatican announced on March 8 that Pope Francis appointed an 18 members pre-synodal council that will prepare the Amazonian synod 2019.

Two of the members are extremist liberals who advocate for abolishing celibacy, Cardinal Claudio Hummes and Austrian born retired Bishop Erwin Kräutler.

The theme of the synod was also announced, Amazonia: new pathways for the Church and for an integral ecology.

The 18 members are:

1. Cardinal Cláudio HUMMES, archbishop emeritus of São Paulo (Brazil), President of the Red Eclesial Panamazónica.
2. Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah TURKSON, prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.
3. Cardinal Carlos AGUIAR RETES, archbishop of México (Mexico).
4. Msgr. Pedro Ricardo BARRETO JIMENO, archbishop of Huancayo (Peru).
5. Msgr. Paul Richard GALLAGHER, titular archbishop of Hodelm, Secretary for Relations with States.
6. Msgr. Edmundo Ponciano VALENZUELA MELLID, archbishop of Asunción (Paraguay).
7. Msgr. Roque PALOSCHI, archbishop of Porto Velho, Rondônia (Brazil).
8. Msgr. Oscar Vicente OJEA, bishop of San Isidro, President of the Episcopal Conference (Argentina).
9. Msgr. Neri José TONDELLO, bishop of Juína, Mato Grosso (Brazil).
10. Msgr. Karel Martinus CHOENNIE, bishop of Paramaribo (Suriname).
11. Msgr. Erwin KRÄUTLER, prelate emeritus of Xingu, Parà (Brazil).
12. Msgr. José Ángel DIVASSÓN CILVETI, formerly vicar apostolic of Puerto Ayacucho (Venezuela), titular bishop of Bamaccora.
13. Msgr. Rafael COB GARCÍA, vicar apostolic of Puyo (Ecuador).
14. Msgr. Eugenio COTER, vicar apostolic of Pando, (Bolivia).
15. Msgr. Joaquín Humberto PINZÓN GÜIZA, vicar apostolic of Puerto Leguízamo-Solano, (Colombia).
16. Msgr. David MARTÍNEZ DE AGUIRRE GUINEA, vicar apostolic of Puerto Maldonado, (Peru).
17. Sr. María Irene LOPES DOS SANTOS, delegate of the Confederación Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Religiosos y Religiosas (CLAR).
18. Mr. Mauricio LÓPEZ, executive secretary of REPAM (Ecuador).

Picture: Erwin Kräutler, © Holger Motzkau, CC BY-SA, #newsHunlhxwsbl
Amazonia: Just a perfect name for the Whore of Babylon.
Thanks for prayer anyway..i just became aware of its 2and a half year old message
Thanks for prayer anyway..i just became aware of its 2and a half year old message

Pope Francis announced prayer of Quaragosh in Iraq ...islamists occupie by now probably behead our brothers and sisters in Christ..please pray for them.