Just Ordained: Already A Criminal (Video Of Theft)

Father Elizeu Moreira, 27, was arrested for armed robberies in supermarkets and in a pharmacy in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on March 2.

A security video shows that he used a fake gun to steal $249. A judge placed him on March 3 in pretrial detention.

The priest’s lawyer said that his client was receiving a psychiatric assessment, and had not taken his medication for three weeks.

Moreira was just a couple of days shy of marking his 18th month of ordination. He has been temporarily removed from Church duties.


Smell of the sheep and all that. Outreach to armed robbers?
This is a reminder of a big issue with V2 seminaries. Someone with severe mental health issues, someone who flips without his meds, cannot be a priest. Yet they take freaks like him because otherwise they'd have no one but masochistic homosexuals.
Minor title correction. This isn't fheft. It's robbery, as the article body correctly describes it.