Thirty-five children between two and six years of age were among the victims of the blaze that ripped through the Church of Saint Mercurius (known in Arabic as Abu Sefein)

Reports of at least 40 people killed in church fire in Egypt

CNA Newsroom, Aug 14, 2022 / 05:50 am At least 40 people — most of them children — have died in a fire in a Coptic Orthodox church in …
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Mindestens 35 Kinder sterben bei Brand in koptisch-orthodoxer Kirche in Ägypten
Gottfried von Globenstein
Die Kopten sollen die Nachfahren der alten Ägypter sein und somit auch wohl die älteste -mehr oder weniger - Christengemeinschaft.
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At least 45 Coptic Christians have been killed in a fire at Abu Sefein church in Giza, Egypt.
Jeffrey Ade
RIP! Poor schismatics! And every one else be aware to take your electrical concerns seriously!