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Nicaragua: Vice President Calls Bishops and Priests “Sons of the Devil”

Nicaragua's Vice President Rosario Murillo has called bishops and priests "sons of the devil" who "blessed" demonstrators against the government of her husband Daniel Ortega with whom she had eight children.

According to (August 14), Murillo called these demonstrations “diabolical” saying they were “blessed” be the clergy whose holiness and mediation of Christ’s spiritual powers is “completely questionable."

Murillo, known for engaging in esoteric practices, exclaimed that “we lose confidence in an institution that didn’t defend us as children of God.”

Nicaragua, the West’s second-poorest country after Haiti, has an excellent public infrastructure, free education, free hospitals, good roads, a low crime rate, and the world’s fifth-highest level of “gender equality.” Western oligarch media habitually suppress these facts. According to the independent M&R Consultores, the Ortega government has an approval rate of 70%.

Picture: Rosario Murillo, el19digital, #newsLkpygdgykx

She and her husband are notorious for atrocious human rights abuses: torture, rape, "disappearances", it's a lawndry list from hell.