Unholy Smoke: Vatican Counterattacks Cardinal Becciu

The Italian magazine L’Espresso (November 27) – the Vatican’s mouthpiece against Cardinal Becciu – undermined its credibility with a second embarrassing apologia by Marco Damilano, the magazine’s editor.

Damilano replaces facts with emotions, radom allegations, indignation, ad-hominem attacks and a smokescreen of words. Cardinal Becciu has sued L’Espresso for diffamation.

Again, Damilano calls Becciu falsely an “ex cardinal.” He plays outraged about Becciu’s assessment that he was fired because Francis let himself be manipulated by L’Espresso. Damilano is shocked, “A cardinal of the Church who has sworn to sacrifice his life to defend the Pontiff to whom he owes his appointment, cannot say something like that.”

What does the oath of the cardinals have to do with the fact that Francis loves to do what the journalists want him to do?

Damilano insists that Becciu himself stated in a press conference that “the Pope told me that he had been informed by the magistrates that I would have committed embezzlement.”

Well, that was hardly the first time when Francis lied to somebody. Holding a copy of L’Expresso in his hands, he could hardly admit to Becciu that L’Espresso was the true reason why he fired him.

Dimilano is unable to explain why L’Espresso created the webpage “Here Are the Reasons why Becciu Resigned” hours before this actually happened.

He concludes his hitpiece by attacking Becciu’s lawyers, again without offering any hard facts.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA