Pope Benedict XVI has prepared for the Great Catholic Reset of the World

MARCH 6, 2021

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Masonic Lodges have prepared for more than a century to enslave and decimate mankind. And we are seeing their plan unfold with the Scamdemic and Great Reset.

But Pope Benedict XVI, by Christ’s inspiration in the summer of 2012, has fashioned for the Catholic Church a Restart Button to begin the Great Catholic Reset of the world.

With this Button, the Church has the tool to begin the restoration of Christendom, since the very act of pressing it means the reaffirmation of every truth of the Faith.

And this button is his seemingly valid, but utterly canonically invalid resignation, which by fooling the Freemasons inside and outside the Church has caused them to reveal their plans and expose themselves to the Faithful, while giving the Faithful the necessary spiritual challenge to train them to become warriors for the restoration of Christendom.

The pressing of this Button will start the Great Catholic Reset, because, to find it and press it, you have to return to the truth,

That the Latin tongue, one of the Three Languages which Christ Spoke, according to the Fathers of the Church, is superior to all modern languages.

That the word of Christ to Peter, “Whatsoever you bind” refers to all Church Teaching, Liturgy and Canon Law.

That words have meaning, and that Nominalism is the thought of Hell.

That Christ remain in intimate union with His true Vicar and will not suffer the Apostolic See to be stained with heresy, apostasy or Globalism.

That God’s plans endure forever and can never be overthrown.

Those who accept, and break from excusing themselves from, ALL of these 5 points, regardless of anything the Cardinals or Bishops might claim, are those who have discovered and are discovering this Button for the Great Catholic Reset.

And that Reset will begin by proclaiming the Truth that Benedict XVI is the pope and insisting on a Second Synod of Sutri to depose Bergoglio the pretender, antipope and false prophet of Globalism, and utterly condemn all his falsehoods, lies, blasphemies, heresies and errors!

With Benedict XVI restored, then the Church will be empowered with clarity to reject Globalism, Vatican II, the Aggiornamento and all which has come forth from Modernism and Neo-Modernism.

And each of us has a part in this. The more Catholic we call back to the truth of what Benedict XVI did, the more we advance the hour of the GREAT CATHOLIC RESET!

Now is the time therefore, to give Battle!



FromRome.Info, for its part, will work to prepare here at Rome the first Session of the International Inquest into the Corruption at the Vatican, which will conclude with a formal call for the convening of the Second Synod of Sutri. We believe that the book by Attorney Acosta is sufficient pleading for such a case. — We invite canonists and legal experts from around the world to assist FromRome.Info in organizing such an Inquest. Contact us by leaving a comment below, with your full contact information of your office or studio.

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