Cancellation of Bergoglio’s visit to Hungary. He scheduled it for September 2021.

Dear Bishops of Hungary,

thanks to God and the policy of your Prime Minister, the Hungarians are protected from the closure of churches, strict lockdown, forced testing and fatally dangerous vaccination. Neighbouring Slovakia has been exposed to all this these days. The current artificial pandemic with the aim of launching the Great Reset, chipization and reduction of humanity is abnormally proactively promoted by the false Pope Bergoglio. It should be noted that he enthroned the Pachamama demon (2019), and promotes the legalization of sodomite unions (2020) and a fatally dangerous mRNA vaccine. If, instead, he listened to the calls of real medical experts who urgently warn against an artificial pandemic, inadequate measures and, above all, dangerous vaccination, Catholics, and not only them, but the whole world, would be saved from this organized crime. Bergoglio, however, issues documents to enforce it.

Dear bishops, you as theologians know well that the idolatrous gesture with Pachamama and the Amazonian sorcerers in the Vatican Gardens, as well as the enthronement of this demon in the Basilica of St Peter, is gross idolatry. It is an apostate gesture and blasphemy against the Most Holy and Triune God. It is a sin against the First Commandment and also a sin against the Holy Spirit. Bergoglio has set a scandalous and wicked precedent for the believers, which brings a curse on the Church. It is no coincidence that the outbreak of the global artificial pandemic coupled with planned chipization and genocide was preceded by a ritual with the pagan Pachamama demon in the Vatican. In spiritual terms, it opened the door to the mass satanization of the Catholic Church and the world. The fact that Bergoglio is one of the main initiators of the artificial pandemic is also evidenced by the closing of churches even before the senseless government measures were taken which caused great damage not only to the economy but also to human health and lives.

Bergoglio has brought on himself a multiple anathema, i.e. excommunication from the Church, for crimes against God, against the Church and against humanity. A heretic who promotes satanization, sodomy and mass genocide and undermines the pillars of fundamental divine truths has thus excluded himself from the Church. How could he be its head? It is nonsense. A Catholic who wants to remain faithful to the Church and the teachings of its Founder, Jesus Christ, cannot submit to a Judas who betrayed Christ. If a Catholic submits to this greatest enemy of Christ and the Church, he brings on himself a curse and is on the path to eternal damnation, whether he is a bishop, a priest, a religious or an ordinary believer.

Bergoglio illegitimately occupies the papacy and even has the audacity to plan a visit to Hungary. His aim is to cleverly foist his satanic globalization agenda on Hungary by participating in the Congress associated with the celebration of the Eucharist. The paradox is that he has demonstrated ostentatiously that he does not believe in the Eucharist and does not worship it with either a bow or genuflection.

Considering the risk that Bergoglio or his Vatican delegate may exploit the Congress to interfere in the internal affairs of Hungary to its spiritual and national detriment, let the Congress in Hungary be cancelled.

The time has come for the Hungarian bishops to publicly announce that they are not subordinate to the false Pope but recognize that the Church is in a state of Sede Vacante until an orthodox, i.e. valid, Pope takes office.

Dear Bishops of Hungary, take a heroic step. Call the truth the truth and a lie a lie. The truth is that Bergoglio is an archheretic excommunicated from the Church and occupies the papacy illegitimately. So the truth is that the Catholic Church does not currently have a Pope. It is in a state of Sede Vacante.

What can happen to you if you take this step and stand up for Christ and His Mystical Body – the Church? Nothing! Any sanctions imposed by Bergoglio are invalid, and no one should take them seriously. With this step, however, you will receive the recognition of the whole Church of Christ and the eternal crown from God Himself. In addition, you will become a precedent of spiritual restoration for other nations.

You need spiritual support in this fight, and that is continuous prayer (Lk 18:1f). Therefore, initiate prayer watches (see Join them yourselves and encourage all Christians in Hungary to participate. God will save Hungary at the call of His children!

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate is a prophetic voice in these difficult times. In this strategic moment for the history of Hungary, this Patriarchate calls on you and the Government:

1) to announce that Bergoglio’s visit to Hungary is unwelcome,

2) to cancel the planned Eucharistic Congress,

3) to declare a state of Sede Vacante,

4) to establish prayer watches.

These are the conditions for saving Hungary. God will then do what is impossible for men!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

29 April 2021

We send a copy of the letter to the Government of Hungary